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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Fection will be controlled


Fection will be controlled

Riding the Red Line yesterday, I spotted this ad:

And yes, I learned that it's easier to take photos when the train is not hurtling through a tunnel. Once we reached next station, I was able to get a clearer shot:

How should this have been handled? Take your pick:

  • QC Pathfinder is the industry leader in infection control
  • QC Pathfinder is the industry leader[comma] infection control
  • QC Pathfinder is the industry-leading infection control
And I'm not completely convinced about the last one.

Copyeditor General's ruling: I hope their infection control solution is better than their copyediting. Otherwise it's Outbreak time.


AZReam said...

I vote "QC Pathfinder is the industry leader in infection control"

Should probably alter that slogan to:-

Vecna Medical
Better Technology. Better World. We're working on Better Grammar.

LimeyG said...

Ha! Nice.

That, or:

Better technology. Better world. Better get someone to check our ad copy.

Holly said...

I'm voting for option #1, and your new slogan above - very funny :-)

LimeyG said...

Maybe I have a future as Snarkmeister General ...

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