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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Good URLs will go to heaven (and I'll stop with the puns)


Good URLs will go to heaven (and I'll stop with the puns)

You know when you meet someone for the first time and you realize it was just meant to be?

That was the mood at CGHQ today with the discovery of Good URL Bad URL, the creation of self-confessed nerd and URL-aholic Aaron Goldman. He knows how URLs should be presented for maximum readability and comprehension, so it drives him nuts when he sees addresses that are broken up, illegible or just way too long.

He takes pictures! He points out what needs fixing! He's a little obsessed! And he's okay with that!

Copyeditor General's ruling: Call off the search for the Associate Copyeditor General in charge of URLs. We have a winner. Everyone else, go read the list of best practices on and apply what you learn. Let the poor guy take a break.

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Laura Matthews said...

i love that blog, but dang-it, they don't have an RSS feed so I can't subscribe.

if they say something especially cool later, you're going to have to tell us.

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