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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Libraries will stay above the belt


Libraries will stay above the belt

I have a theory that cities attempting to reinvent themselves follow an almost formulaic pattern of investment in tourism. It begins with an aquarium (on the reinvigorated waterfront where applicable). Then there's a modern art museum, done in steel and glass if they can't get Gehry. And then, to illustrate liberalism and openness, a museum of erotic history appears.

There's one in Amsterdam, natch. And also in Paris, New York, Frankfurt, Berlin, Barcelona and London.

(I'm not giving you links. This is a respectable blog, mostly. Go find them yourself.)

Anyway, my point is that these new tourist attractions are largely unnecessary, because there are hundreds--nay, thousands--of libraries throughout the world already offering similar services.

At least that's how it appears, according to my research.

Copyeditor General's ruling: Librarians really need to proof their websites more carefully.

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