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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Inaugural Deputy of the Week!


Inaugural Deputy of the Week!

Someone signing himself "The last bastion," but with an email address suspiciously similar to that of my parents, submitted the following rant:

Basically, I'm actually really, really fed up.

I know the use of words like the above are not errors in the grammatical sense but their constant overuse makes me shout at the radio or tv so I miss the point of the discussion. Repeating words like lovely (that is a lovely, lovely dress) is the habit of gushing celebrity commentators and as such can be forgiven. What gets my goat is when hard-news readers and the like fall into the same lazy patterns or refer to children as "kids".

Do you yourself personally agree?

Yours in agreement,
The last bastion

How can I disagree with my dad? Okay, I've spent the last 30-ahem years doing so, but here he has a point. I'm sure CNN had higher grammatical standards back when it was a real news channel, but now there are typos on the ticker and high-school-level linguistic lapses.

At least now I know where I inherited the "shouting at the TV" gene.

Plus he's right about "I, personally ..."--that drives me nuts. As does "very unique," which crops up much more than it should.

Copyeditor General's ruling: People should think before they speak. Especially if they have news-anchor hair.

And yay to my dad for being the inaugural Deputy of the Week! Send me your personal goat-getters and I'll give you ranting space, too!

I should come up with some kind of shiny badge, shouldn't I?

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