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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Temptation will be permanent


Temptation will be permanent

Many companies are looking for ways to cut costs these days; one common solution is to replace full-time employees with workers hired through staffing agencies. With no benefits or (albeit worthless) retirement plans to worry about, businesses can see significant savings.

But just because temping is useful in the business world, there's no reason to try to apply it to all areas of life.

And my favorite, because it's from a site called Taking Children Seriously:

Copyeditor General's ruling: I see no good reason to hire out your dinner service, your children's palate or yourself—not even if the devil is running the company.


Holly said...

What's amazing about this is that it's not like the 't' at the end is silent! The word is spelled exactly as it's said!

Have you done a posting on "an historic"? This is my latest pet peeve. I can't figure out when that changed, or why...

LimeyG said...

I think this is another example of people not reading enough: if you see the word written down, you know there's a T at the end. If you've only heard it, it's possible to miss that. It's the same reason people mix up "then" and "than."

And don't get me started on "an historic" ...

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