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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Spas will get the deep-cleansing treatment


Spas will get the deep-cleansing treatment

For Christmas/birthday this year, the Copyeditor General is going to New York, to include a visit to a Spa To Be Named Later. Wisely, location and treatment decisions have been left in her hands. And so to Google.

What does one look for in a spa website? Treatment descriptions, prices, photos, of course. And also cleanliness, professionalism, attention to detail. You want assurance that the service will be perfect.

All right, perhaps it's enough to feel safe; when you're on a table, encased in mud and Saran wrap, unable to move, you at least want to know a creepy admirer isn't lurking outside.

Uh-oh. Okay, so how's this: at the very least, you want to be treated as an individual, not given some cookie-cutter experience. You want reassurance that the spa is not just half-heartedly following a template.

Copyeditor General's ruling: Reading an imperfect spa website is like discovering discarded flip-flops in your locker or getting a facial from an esthetician with a cold. In the above cases, extensive deep-tissue massage is required.


Holly said...

oh, but what a sweet gift to see the word "flawless" so horribly misspelled! Beautifyl. (hehe)

So can we assume the CG will NOT be relaxing at these particular spas?

LimeyG said...

Um, well, maybe this time the CG makes an exception; the Stalking Stuffer spa has something called the Grape Peel wrap, which involves a warm wine mask and champagne oil ... the CG cannot resist.

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