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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Hallowe'en will not scare me


Hallowe'en will not scare me

There are only eight more days to Hallowe'en (and yes, it has an apostrophe, dammit!) and I still don't know what to wear. I could go with something topical, such as:

Well, that must be an anomaly, because—

Oh, come on! The guy has only been front-page news for the last two years; it's not as though you've had no chance to see his name written down.

But I understand; his name is unusual. At least that (other) one has a more common name:

Okay, maybe we should move away from politics. How about dressing as a pop star?

Hm ... some sort of Spears/Spongebob hybrid, perhaps?

Apparently it's just too much trouble for some companies to spellcheck the names of extremely famous people.

How about a historical costume?

Perhaps we should look to more traditional Hallowe'en disguises: ghosts and witches and so on. And then what?

All right, that's it. No costumes at all this year. I'll just decorate the house. Does anyone have any tips?

Copyeditor General's ruling: I'm considering spending October 31 in an abandoned hospital next to a cemetery where bats roost. After seeing the frightening amount of poorly proofed Hallowe'en copy, it won't be scary at all.


Holly said...

I was thinking the Briney Spears might look more like a sea monkey...
And maybe, in this era of gross-out horror, Black and Yellow Crap Paper is exactly what it seems to be! (ew!!)

Al Belote said...

Maybe you need to check with an uh...outfit (pun stumbled-upon) that really understands how to help people who want to dress up!:

LimeyG said...

Hey Al, I think the url was abbreviated; it took me to Office World (or was that the point? Because that is scary!).

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