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When I am Copyeditor General ...: No one will paint on the roof of my mouth


No one will paint on the roof of my mouth

You may be familiar with my other blog, in which I write about food. I'm also learning, slowly but surely, how to take better photographs of the dishes I create/consume.

But as I recently discovered, it's not enough that I use two forms of creativity to capture my epicurean events. According to a wealth of evidence, I should be painting them as well.

Copyeditor General's ruling: Not only do I need to dig up my ancient paintbox and start blending pigments, I should also allow my color-mixing surface to be pushed, prodded, stretched and generally abused.

This is not a particularly palatable thought; in truth, it leaves rather a sour taste on my palate.


Laura Matthews said...

not to be confused with "pallet," either, something I just had to wrestle down in an edit.

LimeyG said...

Lordy, I hadn't even thought about pallet! No wonder people say the English language is confusing ...

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