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When I am Copyeditor General ...: Purveyors of words will read their own


Purveyors of words will read their own


I notice you sell books. Lots of books. (Also bacon salt. That's cool.) I was wondering: do you ever get a chance to read the books you sell? Or are you too busy maintaining and expanding your vast online empire? It would be ironic, wouldn't it, and sad, if you spent so much time shipping novels and dictionaries and DIY manuals out to the world that you were too weary to cast an eye over a sentence or two?

Maybe it's a sensitive subject, in which case, forgive my forthrightness. It's just that I was browsing recently, and I noticed this:

And I thought, Isn't it a shame that a business centered around the written word would allow such things to happen on its own doorstep?

Copyeditor General's ruling: Amazon, you work too hard. Take a break; you stretch yourself too thin. See what happens when you try to do everything?

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