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When I am Copyeditor General ...: The thought will not be what counts


The thought will not be what counts

There's a reason some greetings cards end up in the discount bin. Here's one, supplied by Al, owner of the blog Stuff to Think About:

Gah! All I know is that if any child of mine sent me this awful missive, and didn't do so with a generous side-salad of irony, they'd be written out of the will.

(Wait--I don't have a will. Joke's on them! Ha!)

Thanks, Al, for recognizing, correctly, that this would cause me to shriek in horror. You'd get a Deputy of the Week t-shirt if such a thing existed.

And here's a little something The Boy and I found in Building 19 1/17 a few years back. We got two for a buck, if memory serves.

(The caption under the photo on the notepaper reads Treasure of memory.) I know, one shouldn't mock; this one was made in Korea, so theoretically gets a pass. Not from me, though.

Copyeditor General's ruling: If I ever find Hallmark doing stuff like this, there's gonna be trouble.

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